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Cost of Facebook and Amazon has reached $ 500 billion

28 july 2017 - Fx4News
Cost of Facebook and Amazon has reached $ 500 billion

Facebook and Amazon have joined the exclusive club open only to the richest companies in the world: ry night cost of both companies exceeded half a trillion dollars. 

The market capitalization of Facebook for the first time, etc. evysila $ 500 billion on Thursday morning. Amazon similar figure reached $ 500 billion on Wednesday.



Now, only three companies, all in the technology sector, are worth more: Apple ($ 798 billion), Alphabet ($ 667 billion) and Microsoft ($ 571 billion). 

The total value of the companies in the $ 1 trillion shows how optimistic forecasts of Wall Street on the future of these giants. Staggering growth in value of the shares of these companies since the beginning of the year - more than 40% - plays into the hands of their founders. 

According to Bloomberg News, on Thursday, 53-year-old Dzheff Bezos became the richest man in the world by moving from the first position Microsoft founder Bill Gates. According to Forbes list, the state of Mark Zuckerberg, who is only 33 years old, is more than $ 69 billion. Today 

Facebook Achievement level of $ 500 billion looks amazing, given that the social networking giant is a public company just five years. But today, Facebook boasts more than 2 billion users. Shares of the company rose by 5% on Thursday even after reporting that revenue growth has slowed down to a minimum of two years.


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