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News about kriptorynka regulation inhibit the growth of digital currency

28 july 2017 - Fx4News
News about kriptorynka regulation inhibit the growth of digital currency

Over the past few days came a lot of news about market regulation cryptocurrency. For example, in the State of Washington, USA, 23 July joined a law that equates kriptovalyutnye exchange to companies involved in remittances. Accordingly, they must obtain a license. In India, in the state of Karnataka, in the second half of the year are going to have a discussion about the future of digital currencies and the creation of the initial scope of market regulation. There are rumors that they could even discuss the introduction of a tax on transactions cryptocurrency. Malta going to consider paying online casinos and online gambling games cryptocurrency and thus cryptocurrency may fall under the legal regulation.



Such news in recent times a lot. What does this mean? Cryptocurrency are becoming increasingly popular in the world, and this makes the official institutions in different countries start to pay more attention to kriptorynok. Many experts believe that regulation can affect negatively on digital currencies, and to a certain extent that they explain there was a pause of growth of main cryptocurrency. For example Bitcoin has not yet been able to update its historical high of June 11 this year. In my opinion, now it is very difficult to estimate, it is better or worse for the market regulation cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing the news Bitcoin trading at $ 2659, while the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency was $ 90.79 billion according


According to the materials of Alpari


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