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How to make money on the stock market and currency! Trading idea for EUR / USD traders 01/18/2021: 4000 pips on S & P500! When?

18 january 2021 - Fx4News

The American stock market demonstrates multidirectional dynamics at trading on Monday. Since the opening of the day, the S & P500 index has dropped by 0.42% to 3742 points, after which it recovered to 3758 points.

Last week, the US fund hit another high amid hopes for a global economic recovery thanks to vaccinations and additional fiscal stimulus. While many investors expect the bullish rally to continue, stock markets will remain turbulent in the coming weeks due to signs of the negative impact of the coronavirus on economic activity.



News from China continues to have an overwhelming effect on market sentiment. According to data released today from the National Bureau of Statistics of the PRC, in the 4th quarter, the country's GDP grew by 6.5% compared to the same period last year. In 2020, China's economy grew 2.3%, the worst in 40 years. It should be noted that by the end of 2021, the situation in the country may worsen, especially if such fundamental problems as a decrease in the share of the working-age population, a decrease in productivity growth, and an increase in household debt arise.

This week, traders are focused on Biden's inauguration, economic statistics on US business activity, and reports from many leading companies including JB Hunt Transport Services, UnitedHealth Group and Intel. Market participants believe businesses will be cautious in their forecasts for this year, given the degree of uncertainty and massive restrictions still in place to contain the coronavirus. Despite the above, the US stock market still retains the potential for the next renewal of the historical high. Such enthusiasm is due to the new package of fiscal stimulus announced by Biden last Friday, thanks to which the US economy will receive an additional $ 1.9 trillion, and in the very near future. Against this background, we recommend holding the “long” at the S & P500 in order to consolidate the index above 4000 points.



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