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How to make money with a Forex advisor? Earn 3-15% on Forex every month automatically!

6 march 2019 - Fx4News
How to make money with a Forex advisor? Earn 3-15% on Forex every month automatically!

Earn 3-15% on Forex every month automatically!

Forex robot (advisor) is a program that was written by programmers in the MQL4 programming language specifically for forex traders. Forex robot executes trades that adhere to a certain algorithm. Expert receives a signal to open a trade and the robot automatically opens trades or places pending orders with Take Profit or Stop Loss, according to the rules stated by the developer. Traders have different opinions on the automatisation of trading. Some think that in the end, the robots cause the loss of the deposit. However, experience shows that one has more chances to make money out of Forex markets with the use of Forex robot than by manual trading, especially as a beginner.

The trading robot works only on the accounts of the company WELTRADE

Open an account with WELTRADE
DOWNLOAD robot TRADE expert Advisor for free.
Install the trading terminal, install the expert Advisor on the EURGBP pair and earn


Description of the ROBOT – TRADE advisor:

Forex robot works best when the market is in a flat. It has proven itself well with the EUR/GBP pair. While opening, it takes the daily trend into consideration, as well as the trend of the timeframe of the moment of launch. Recommended lot size can be calculated as 0.1 of a lot per 25 000 units of currency in the account.


Currency pair EURGBP
Timeframe M5-H1
Minimum deposit (USD EUR RUR) from 2500 dollars or 2500 cents
Leverage 1:1000
Estimated profit 5-25% a month
Type of trading aggressive


Warning! Testing and trading with the advisor are only available via WELTRADE!



The advisor is available online


Free download


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Copy the signals of this trading robot Forex signal MQL


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