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The energy sector is experiencing the most severe changes since negative oil prices resulted from restrictions and lockdowns associated with the coronavirus outbreak. In 2020, the oil market plummeted to all-time lows but quickly recovered later. In light of the current circumstances, the situation is totally different now, and we shouldn't expect the oil market to return back to normal in the coming quarters. In this article, we will take a look at the energy market from different angles and analyze the main points.




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Since the end of winter, we are all living in a new reality. After the start of the military operation by the Kremlin in Ukraine, a line that divided the world into "before" and "after" was drawn. Today we will talk about the prospects of the ruble in this new world.




After the start of the special operation, the Russian currency flew to historical lows. However, during March, it could return to the area where it was before the start of the conflict. The ruble has strengthened thanks to the efforts of the Kremlin, but will it be able to maintain its current position?


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The number of private investors in international markets is growing every year. And it's not surprising given the ongoing rally in the US stock market, surging gold prices and bitcoin growth.


However, we should not expect this growth to last forever because all markets face a crisis at some point. That's why it's so important to build a sustainable investment portfolio.




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The American stock market demonstrates multidirectional dynamics at trading on Monday. Since the opening of the day, the S & P500 index has dropped by 0.42% to 3742 points, after which it recovered to 3758 points.

Last week, the US fund hit another high amid hopes for a global economic recovery thanks to vaccinations and additional fiscal stimulus. While many investors expect the bullish rally to continue, stock markets will remain turbulent in the coming weeks due to signs of the negative impact of the coronavirus on economic activity.




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NYSE stock market - how to make money on stocks! Trading Investment Ideas 12/23/2020 Investors AmerisourceBergen Corp. (NYSE)

The overall trend for AmerisourceBergen Corp shares is upward. The bears tested the lower border of the upward price channel. The Awesome Oscillator shows a Bullish Divergence, while the Stochastic Oscillator signals oversold conditions. The inclined channel of the alleged corrective structure is broken (A).



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The USD/CAD pair is declining during the trading session on Wednesday. Since the opening of the day, the US dollar has lost 0.2% against its Canadian competitor and continues to be quoted at 1.2880. The pressure on the dollar has intensified amid criticism by US President Donald Trump regarding the bill approved by Congress to stimulate the economy hit by the pandemic. According to him, the package worth about $ 900 billion is insufficient to support the population and enterprises. He called on Congressmen to increase direct household payments from $ 600 to $ 2,000. It is worth noting that if a new stimulus package for the US economy does not receive presidential approval by the end of this year, a recession for the US will be almost inevitable.


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This week, we recommend paying attention to the American currency index (DXY). During the trading session on Monday, the dollar is testing resistance at 90.50, still holding the potential to renew its multi-year low below 90.00. Traders associate the current recovery of the dollar with a technical correction and recommend using it for more profitable sales.




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How an investor can make money by investing in the American stock market NYSE. Trading idea of ​​investments 12/17/2020 shares of Ameren Corp. (NYSE)

The trading plan was drawn up using the modified wave analysis for the Smart Trading trading system.

Ameren Corp. Stock Analysis (NYSE) #AEE


The general trend of Ameren Corp. (NYSE) ascending. Ameren Corp's share trades in a range of 365 and 135 moving averages. The downtrend structure ended with the breakout of the inclined channel (aC), the breakout of the top (aC) will result in the formation of an upward wave structure within the general upward trend. On the Awesome Oscillator indicator there is a Bullish divergence, and the Stochastic Oscillator moving indicators have left the oversold zone of Ameren Corp. (NYSE) and directed up.



This week is shaping up pretty well for gold buyers. The XAU / USD pair has added about $ 50 in the last three alone, recovering to $ 1875 an ounce. Gold gets the maximum benefit from a weakening dollar, declining real yields on US bonds, and rising inflationary risks amid soft global monetary policy.





American stock market NYSE how to make money? Trading Ideas for Investors 12/16/2020 Danaher Corporation (NYSE) Stock

Danaher Corporation (NYSE) #DHR Stock Analysis

The general trend of Danaher Corporation shares is upward. The multi-candlestick figure "Wedge" has formed. The Danaher Corporation stock trades in a range of 365 and 135 moving averages. The breakout of the upper border of the pattern will result in the formation of an upward 1-2-3 pattern. On the Awesome Oscillator indicator there is a Bullish divergence, and the moving indicators of the Stochastic Oscillator crossed and directed upwards.



The American currency is actively declining during the trading session on Wednesday. The USD (DXY) index has lost 0.17% since the opening of the day and came close to the support at 90.00. In the event that this level falls, the next target for sellers will be the minimum from 2018 at around 98.00.




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