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Short-term trading idea FX EUR/USD – bull speculation: right shoulder to form

Trading opportunities on the currency pair: Since dropping to 1.1662, the rate has formed an inverse head and shoulders model on the daily and weekly timeframes. For its completion, the right shoulder needs to form with a target of around 1.1880 by 23/10/17. By the end of October, downwards movement should resume. Therefore, from 1.1880, we can start betting on the rate to decline. It seems to me that ideally, this reversal model won’t work out. Trade carefully.


- Fx4News | 528 views
Short-term trading idea FX EURAUD – bull speculation: expecting a breakout of the 1-1 channel

Trading opportunities on the currency pair: The euro has been provided with support by Draghi’s and Yellen’s speeches. In this idea, we’re looking at a breakout of the 1-1 channel at 1.5070 with subsequent growth to 1.5250. It’s worth betting on a rise should the price get a foothold above 1.5070. If the price exits the 3-3 channel downwards and trader sentiment switches from bullish to bearish, this scenario will not play out.



- Fx4News | 628 views
Short-term trading idea FX GBPJPY – bull speculation: rebound from the trend line

Trading opportunities on the currency pair: On Friday, the 11th of August, trading on the GBPJPY pair closed around the TR3 trend line. In this idea, I’ll be looking at the possibility of an upwards rebound and a breakout of the resistance zone of 147.50 – 148.50 in a triangular formation.

- Fx4News | 716 views
Short-term trading idea FX USDJPY - bull speculation: possible rebound from the lower boundary of the C-C channel

Trading opportunities on the currency pair: Despite the rise in geopolitical tensions between the US and North Korea, some technical bullish signals are being seen on the US dollar. The lower boundary of the C-C channel and the 50% level have formed a strong support zone between 108.13 and 108.73. A double bullish divergence has formed between the price and the AC indicator. The daily candlestick on Friday closed with a doji. If the price starts to grow from its current level, should it break 109.90, this growth will continue to 111.05. I’m expecting to see a rebound from 108.13 with a target of 110.57.


- Fx4News | 713 views
The can end the conflict between the DPRK and the US?

Now, when the issue of war between the US and North Korea opened and literally depends on the small things, experts began to calculate the possible scenarios. 

Note that the forecast scenarios thoroughly - is difficult, since it is necessary to consider many options and factors, as well as how to behave like the other countries that will be drawn into the conflict.

- Fx4News | 504 views
7 These billionaires are concerned about the stock market correction

Many large billionaire investors worried about the current market conditions. 

Indeed, at present there are significant advantages to passive strategies with low risk and long-term investment. And, obviously, some of the "best" of investors on Wall Street often painfully mistaken.

- Fx4News | 725 views
Investors prefer the euro

If within three years, many market participants are simply ignored by the single European currency, but now the demand for it begins to grow again. 

If at the beginning of the year, the currency has recorded fourteen-year minimum, after 8 months of currency could reach the level of 2015 - $ 1.1910 and is not final. This year, the euro has become the best currency of the Group-10.

- Fx4News | 517 views
China for 10 years, plans to buy foreign companies to $ 1.5 trillion

Chinese companies absorbers are willing to spend $ 1.5 trillion on the purchase of other companies and investing abroad in the next 10 years, which is 70% more than in the previous 10 years, according to Linklaters LLP reported on Tuesday. 

Over the past decade, Chinese companies have already invested in foreign enterprises $ 880 billion.

- Fx4News | 442 views
Russia and China are increasing their gold reserves

According to the quarterly report of the World Gold Council (World Gold Council, WGC), China and Russia are increasing their gold reserves. During the second quarter of 2017 the Bank of Russia added to its reserves 35.7 tons of gold and total gold purchases for the first six months of 2017 totaled 100.6 tonnes. General reserves of the Bank of Russia to the end of June reached 1,715 tonnes, ie. E. Accounted for nearly 17% of all foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank.

- Fx4News | 713 views
Aberdeen - the city hardest hit by the Brexit

Brexit negative impact on Scottish oil capital Aberdeen, the city will suffer most of all British cities. London is also strongly affected by Brexit and faced with falling economic output by 2.6% in the medium term, according to experts at the London School of Economics.

- Fx4News | 553 views
News about kriptorynka regulation inhibit the growth of digital currency

Over the past few days came a lot of news about market regulation cryptocurrency. For example, in the State of Washington, USA, 23 July joined a law that equates kriptovalyutnye exchange to companies involved in remittances. Accordingly, they must obtain a license. In India, in the state of Karnataka, in the second half of the year are going to have a discussion about the future of digital currencies and the creation of the initial scope of market regulation.

- Fx4News | 415 views
Cost of Facebook and Amazon has reached $ 500 billion

Facebook and Amazon have joined the exclusive club open only to the richest companies in the world: ry night cost of both companies exceeded half a trillion dollars.

- Fx4News | 388 views
Bank of Japan policy may lead to a drop in the yen

Although the main event of this year, market participants is the reduction of the US currency, but it can overshadow the yen against the background of a tightening of monetary policy around the world. 

- Fx4News | 441 view
Bank Morgan Stanley bypassed by Goldman Sachs profits

According to Morgan Stanley bank statements, its profit has increased significantly and exceeded the forecasts, helped by the improvement in the investment business and the division of wealth management. 

Thus, the bank's profit for the second quarter rose to $ 1.76 billion. Thus, the profit amounted to 87 cents per share, while the forecast it was expected to reach 76 cents. Revenues were $ 9.5 billion vs. $ 9.09 billion,


- Fx4News | 413 views
Big Mac index indicates the decline of the US dollar

About 30 years ago, The Economist magazine found the perfect solution to evaluate the various currencies relative to the US currency - the decision index Big Mac. It is based on the theory of purchasing power parity, namely, comparative characteristics specific basket of goods and its price in different countries.


- Fx4News | 387 views
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