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Technical faults can make adjustments to Apple's plans, and move the new iPhone release date

It has become certain that the supply of new iPhone 8 will be delayed by approximately three to four weeks on the background of the problems in the production of the fingerprint sensor, which had to be improved. 

IMF chief does not rule out the next crisis

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde said she did not rule out the possibility of another financial crisis, noting that the comments made recently by the chairman of the US Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, may have been premature. 

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Time to buy gold: experts about the prospects of investments in the yellow metal

Gold prices could come under pressure today, "risky" environment for shares in terms of higher interest rates, but some analysts expect that the price will recover and show that the precious metal may give investors some real protection against risks.



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Short-term trading idea FX EUR/USD – bear speculation: rebound from the upper boundary of the A-A channel

Trading opportunities for the currency pair: The price is trading around the upper boundaries of the A-A and C-C channels. On the monthly timeframe, there’s a risk of falling to 1.25, but the euro is expected to strengthen significantly from September onwards. In connection with this, the range from 1.1475 to 1.1595 will be used for selling euros, with targets of 1.12 and 1.0925. If, from September, the price continues to trade above 1.1290, it would be wise to close all short positions. In such a case, buyers will push the price to 1.25 to the upper boundary of the D-D channel. If we get a breakout of the C-C channel in July, it’s worth changing our target from 1.25 to 1.27.



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Short-term trading idea FX AUDCAD – bull speculation: price to restore to 1.0327

Trading opportunities for the currency pair: The price has twice rebounded from the S1 line. Because of this, the Aussie dollar is expected to strengthen against its Canadian counterpart as far as the TL1 line with targets of 1.0211 (high point from the 7th of June) and 1.0327. This scenario will not play out if the daily candlestick closes below 0.9948.

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Short-term trading idea FX EURGBP – bull speculation: strengthening Euro with a jump to 0.8652 expected

Trading opportunities for the currency pair: A W-model has formed on the weekly timeframe. Keep an eye on 0.9083 level. Cycles suggest a slide to 0.8652 by 10/07/17, followed by growth to 0.9081 by 15/08/17.

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Trump may be re-elected for a second term

Despite regular scandals in the White House with US President Trump and periodic news in the media about a possible impeachment, it is possible that Trump will choose a second presidential term.

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Bitcoin round up the week with a maximum decrease in 2015

After briefly rising to a record high of $ 3,000 Bitcoin showed a sharp U-turn and is preparing to finish the week the maximum reduction in the past two years.

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What is Forex and how it works?
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What is Trading?

In recent years, more and more often you can hear the concept of Forextrading, but not everyone understands what is at stake. The literal translation from English, this phrase means "to trade (or exchange) in the currency market." Preference for such kind of activity today give hundreds of thousands of citizens, b Olsha same extent it concerns the population aged 23 to 35 years.

Forex trading is the purchase and subsequent resale of selected currency. However, without specific skills in the industry rely on the profits would be extremely difficult.

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How to make a profit on the popular wave of mining?

Cryptocurrency rising in price and many people believe that the boom in this market continues. In addition, there are more willing to buy Bitcoins not for money, and get them yourself. Therefore, it makes sense to look for investors in the shares of companies making computer processors and chips used for the production of digital currency.

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UK elections - first results of exit polls

UK residents made their choice - the polls were closed, and the stop alos only wait for the official results. But, for the moment, the EU already be the results of exit polls.



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Who is a Forex trader?

In the forex market trader called the foreign exchange market participants, which makes the operation to extract certain benefits. That financial markets have led to the fact that there is such a profession as a trader. The memorable to us all the time they are called speculators or money changers. Trading traders use either their own funds, either on a formal basis attract funds from investors.

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Forex Brokers - What is it?

Forex trading would be impossible without brokerage firms. Newcomers in this case may not understand who the Forex brokers. So you need to get acquainted with the term closer. All those who are interested in making a profit from trading in this market, in the commission of profitable trades should find a competent broker. Its main task is to ensure that market participants special software, as well as the ongoing monitoring of the transactions.

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10 popular and useful books Forex traders

Probably every trader, from the beginner to the wise and experience wonders of really useful, but it is available and written popular books among other traders.

Indeed, the Internet literature on the Forex market would be enough not a public library. As for the combination of its popularity and usefulness, then there is a lot of questions. In our review, we tried to select for you 10 books, which, in our opinion, meet the stated objectives.

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