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Investors prefer the euro

9 august 2017 - Fx4News
Investors prefer the euro

If within three years, many market participants are simply ignored by the single European currency, but now the demand for it begins to grow again. 

If at the beginning of the year, the currency has recorded fourteen-year minimum, after 8 months of currency could reach the level of 2015 - $ 1.1910 and is not final. This year, the euro has become the best currency of the Group-10.



The expert AG Bisset Associates believes that it is not necessary to open short positions in the single currency, but the long-term investment - yes, a great opportunity to earn money. In his view, the euro will reach $ 1.30 by the end of this year, and perhaps even earlier.

Hedge funds

If before the end of spring hedge funds favored the "bearish" positions on the single currency, since the beginning of summer, the situation changed dramatically - to open long positions.

US investors

Most likely, investors from the United States will seek attractive projects outside the country and outside its own currency, and probably it will be the euro, and assets denominated in the European currency.

investors in Europe

Against the background of the recovery of the Eurozone economy will be the logical purchase "domestic assets", which in turn will support the euro. 

In addition, the purchase of the single currency will help to avoid risky purchases abroad. According to experts, the euro will be traded in the range of $ 1.20- $ 1.25 up to the end of 2017. Investors should monitor political developments in the euro area, as well as pay attention to whether the French President Macron implement its economic reform in life can. 

It is noteworthy that the large corporations in Europe, who are paid in US currency, the euro hedge growth.


central banks

The political situation has changed radically, as well as change the mood in the markets. Thus, central banks prefer the single currency against the background of the stabilization of the euro area economy, but the US administration all just complicated. 

Therefore, reserve managers are increasing the share of the euro, and reduce the US dollar.


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