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We are giving away! $100 Sounds unreal?

25 october 2017 - Fx4News
We are giving away! $100 Sounds unreal?

You are right! But it is a reality - we are going to give you 100 USD for free when you open a new account! No gimmicks or tricks, take it and trade with it on the live account! Simple as that!

No deposit required

Automatically credited to your account

Available to new clients

Earned profits can be withdrawn after 5 lots reached



Trade for Free!

Try your skills in the Forex Market! Register, open account and get $100 to operate in the financial market! Forex4you is a worldwide company with large experience and a team of professionals who bring you only the best service to our clients.


Or copy for free!

Participate in the financial market without any prior knowledge! Copy orders in our social trading network - Share4you. Register Follower account, get $100, choose leading traders and start copying their trades! You can stop and start at any time or change Leaders whenever you like.


Welcome Bonus
Promotion Rules

We value fair trade, and we value clients who respect those rules.

Who can participate in Welcome Bonus?

New Forex4you clients (registered new account)

"Welcome bonus" promotion is not applicable for clients from Russia

Promotion period

Marketing campaign will run from 16.10.2017 until 15.12.2017

General provisions

Forex4you "Welcome Bonus":

  • Equals 100 USD;
  • Deposited to first trading account created in the Trader Room;
  • Welcome Bonus” cannot be withdrawn or transferred to another account;

Welcome Bonus” does not apply to ProSTP accounts;

If ProSTP account is the first trading account in the Trader Room, then “Welcome bonus” will be deposited to second created trading account (Cent, Cent NDD, Classic, Classic NDD);

Partner’s commission is disabled for trading account on which “Welcome Bonus” obtained;

"Welcome Bonus" can be obtained only once by creating the new account in Trader Room;

“Welcome Bonus” is valid for an unlimited period of time and can be canceled by Client anytime;

How it works:

  1. The client creates Share4you or Forex4you accountForex4you account;
  2. Welcome Bonus” (100 USD) is automatically deposited on client’s first trading account;
  3. "Welcome Bonus” can be used for copying trades or self-trading;
  4. After trading turnover conditions are met, “Welcome Bonus” can be withdrawn when is fully "worked out": you get 50% from spread or/and commision;
  5. Any profit generated from account with “Welcome Bonus” can be withdrawn after trading volume has reached 5 lots.


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