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US debt is growing at an unprecedented pace

A couple of days ago, the US sovereign debt is somehow invisible to all crossed $ 19.5 trillion - on AMarkets materials.





Deflation. Gold, silver and stock "all-weather"

 During the period of deflation (when prices of goods and services fall), the investor is better to buy assets, which does not increase proposal - on AMarkets materials.




How to make money in the forex decision on September 21, the US Federal Reserve

The main event and this week, and last month, will be the speech by Janet Yellen, the head of the US Federal Reserve. September 21 at 21:30 Moscow time Yellen Federal Reserve will announce the verdict on monetary policy. At the same time the monetary regulator will announce the updated forecasts for GDP growth, employment, inflation, and further action FOMC. Regardless of the decision, from forex traders an opportunity to potentially earn a time of instability of the US dollar.


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Bank of Japan kept rates but made changes in policy

The Central Bank of Japan kept rates unchanged at the meeting on Wednesday, but made some changes in the policy program. The Bank has designated a last attempt to raise prices and to restore economic growth.



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Oil prices rise on the capture of Libyan oil ports

Oil prices rebounded in early Asian trading after the news, it was reported that the two ports at the weekend were seized during the military conflict in Libya.



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Americans are choosing cheap eatery

 Most of the major restaurant chains of America reports a decrease in the flow of customers. According to research by Merrill Lynch, consumer preferences shift toward cheap food - Materials AMarkets.




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The US recall over a million Samsung Galaxy Note 7

On Thursday, the US federal consumer safety authorities have announced the recall of about 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after dozens of users reported a fire in the device while charging the battery.



Bond yields rising: if it promises to stabilize the stock market?

The yield of first-class bonds, finally, began to grow, giving hope to investors, but also may have a d The pressure on the government.



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Fear of inflation and sell long-term bonds

Paul Singer, Elliott Management Corp., recommends investors to sell bonds with a longer maturity. The investor believes that the debt securities of all the economies of the G7 can no longer be considered as a tool to protect the capital against inflation - on AMarkets materials.




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A nuclear Iran. The new wave of propaganda

60% of Americans are in favor, to stop buying goods or using services of companies that do business with Iran - by AMarkets materials.




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Where most billionaires, and from there they are taken

American Institute Peterson Institute for International Economics offers to a wide audience very unusual map of the world - on AMarkets materials.




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The US currency weakened against the yen on Friday amid falling expectations of higher interest rates iz- for a series of weak economic data.



Virtually all of the major currencies traded in narrow range - investors were frozen in anticipation of central bank meetings in the US and Japan.

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How do you like the new Apple creation? Despite the fact that many fans of electronic devices were not impressed by the latest iPhone 7, presented last week, investors and consumers are very satisfied.


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The Canadian company BCA Research, specializing in investment research, has published a very peculiar analytical review "Risk Judgment Day." Chief strategist at BCA Research, Peter Berezin, a former economist at Goldman Sachs, is given to non-trivial investment analysis questions: can come to an end and what is the probability of total destruction of human civilization. While such a hypothetical event is believed to be related to the so-called "tail risks» (tail risk), implying an extremely low probability, yet it can not be underestimated. 

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